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Small Business of the Year Award
Posted on October 10th, 2013

Local Phoenix Electronic Recycling Company wins Business of the Year Award

OC Management West was honored with the Southwest Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Award. This prestigious award is given to businesses who have contributed greatly to their local community, for both businesses and individuals, in a positive and meaningful way.
(Newswire.net -- July 2nd, 2013) Phoenix, AZ -- The Southwest Valley Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards Dinner was recently held at the Wigwam Resort to honor businesses and individuals who have contributed to the local community. OC Management West was honored with the Southwest Valley Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Award as a result of their exemplary service to the greater community. This award recognizes businesses who contribute to the benefit of both businesses and individuals alike. It is only awarded to those businesses that have met this criteria as well as creating a positive impact in the community
Recycling electronic waste (e-waste) has become more of an issue in recent years because of the increase of technology. Many businesses are unaware of how to get rid of their unwanted or unused electronics properly and efficiently once they become “obsolete”. With the demand for electronic recycling in Phoenix on the rise, OC Management provides a unique and comprehensive solution to this problem.

OC Management West has been open since 2012 and was founded by Patty Hannon. Its main goal is to help other businesses minimize their carbon footprint by helping them safely dispose of their unwanted/unused electronics. OC Management West offers a safe, clean way to get rid of those unwanted electronics.

In addition, once the equipment has been removed, OC Recycle refurbishes the equipment and then sells it at a significant discount to residents of the local communities. Top quality desktops and laptops can be purchased for as little as $149. In some cases, OC will donate its equipment to those in need.

They even offer revenue-sharing events with non-profit organizations. Should a non-profit have OC Management West remove their antiquated equipment, OC will resell that refurbished equipment and turn around and donate 20% of the revenue generated to benefit the non-profit.

When asked about the winning the Small Business of the Year award, Patty Hannon had this to say, "To be honest, I was surprised!  Being a relatively new company, I would have thought an older company would have won.  However, I’m a big fan of the SW Valley Chamber and we work hard to support them and the community.  Frankly, it feels incredible to be recognized for helping companies get rid of their unwanted electronics without hassle, and then contribute positively to local residents and small businesses. I’m very flattered and our team is very honored."

OC Management West is also part of the Arizona Recycling Coalition. This organization is for individuals and profit/non-profit businesses who want to promote and educate recycling throughout Arizona. OC Management West wants to ensure companies know there is a way to recycle e-waste without having to damage the environment.



If you are interested in the services OC Management West provides, please contact them at:

OC Management West

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Richard Scully - October 10th, 2013 at 11:48 AM
Great Job Patty!
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