Changing the face of Recycling
About Us
OCM Recycle West is a woman-owned, small business founded in 2012 by Patty Hannon, and was joined by Kate Hopeman in 2014. OCM Recycle West's Mission:
  • Keep as much as possible out of the landfills
  • Employ people in Arizona
  • Serve our community
Keep as much as possible out of the landfills:
Did you know...80%-85% of all electronic items wind up in a landfill? And that e-Waste represents 2% of landfill rubbish, but accounts for 70% of toxic waste? OCM Recycle West is trying to change this!

OCM Recycle West  offers full service recycling, including picking-up the items, inventorying either on-site or on OCM’s site, wiping or destroying all hard drives (if wiped, using Department of Defense approved software protocols), then either dismantling of the electronics, or refurbishing/reselling.  In the dismantling process, components of devices are sorted into various “containers”, including, but not limited to, metal, aluminum, copper, plastic, batteries, and PCBs. Those components are then recycled with outside vendors who specialize in the specific material. This not only keeps these items out of the landfill, but puts them back into use. 

Employ people in Arizona:
OCM Recycle West strives to create employment for local area residents. As the business continues to grow, so will the need for additional positions in Arizona. You can help us make this happen!

Serve our community:
OCM Recycle West serves its community in many ways. OCM won the “Small Business of the Year” award in 2013 from the Southwest Valley Chamber of Commerce for its work with the community. We support local charities with donations of computers, we run e-Waste recycling events that benefit specific charities/non-profits, we support local schools, and we offer computers and other electronics for sale locally at very affordable prices. OCM Recycle West is also proud members of the Southwest Valley, Ahwatukee, and Chandler Chambers of Commerce. We participate in many Chamber events and help support and promote many fellow Chamber businesses. Check out our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/OCMRecycleWest, for some great examples of how we give back.